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A society is being recognised by its efforts for national welfare, social, economical and political thoughts of its constituents. It's a universal truth that power of a Democracy lies on the solidarity of various communities existing in that democracy and also it is a well known fact that a community plays a vital role in the all round development of the nation. And 'number' is the core basis of the democracy. Vaish Community, like others, is and important constituent of Indian Society. The community should have a strong organisation of all India level with all units of Vaish Samaj and negligence representation of the Community (in politics) should be transformed into suitable representation.

Keeping in mind, the above mentioned promise, a convention, with the motivations from Shri Banarsi Das Gupta, M.P. and Ex-C.M. Haryana, of all units was organised on April 26, 1981 in New Delhi to establish All India Vaish Federation. About 150 representatives of various Vaish Units participated in the convertion. A Committe was made and Shri Bajrang Lal Ji Jaju was appoined its convenor. The constitution prepared by the Committee, was accepted in a meeting held in Delhi on Nov.2, 1982. Shri Banarsi Das Gupta was unanimously elected as the President of newly established All India Vaish Federation. Shri Balmiki Choudhary and Dr. Rameshwar Dayal Gupta were appointed as Vice President and General Secretary respectively.

After Shri Banarsi Das Gupta, Shri Rajni Ranjan Sahu Ex. M.P. became the president of Vaish Federation. He gave a new direction to the organisation. At present, Shri Ram Das Aggarwal, Ex. M.P. is its President to the last four years in his leadership, the federation has acquired its national shape and size and has become a respected organization of the country. Consequently, the significance of All India Vaish Federation in the making of nation at social and political levels has tremendously increased.


To unite all the units of Vaish samaj spared all over India and to bring them on a common platform.
Equal and strong contribution for rights, respect and power.
To unite Vaish samaj, to coordinate and connect various institutes/ organizations of Vaish samaj. To establish a branch of Federation in
   every district.
To make collective efforts for evolving comprehensive awareness among youths and women against bad traditions and for social
To work for social. political and economical upliftment of Vaish Community aling with the services to mankind.
To encourage all the sub-castes in the Vaish Community for inter-caste marriage and to help them for the same.
To discourage all the bad traditions, fundamentalism etc. spread in the Vaish Community.


Save every drop of water - if we use water like the poor use Ghee , then nobody will face scarcity of water in India.
Make India a meritocracy , not quota-crazy Admissions , jobs , promotions ban all reservations on the basis of caste and religion.
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